Rachio App Redesign

Rachio is a smart irrigation controller, enabling home owners to automate and monitor their landscape watering systems.




App Design


Research, UI / UX


How can we improve an existing IoT app? The Rachio App felt lazily implemented with an often inefficient and inconsistent structure that hindered usability, clarity, and comprehension.

Are we helping the user by overwhelming them with information?



A redesigned app that more carefully considered the presentation and pacing of information to the user to aid in the operation of the product. A more consistent structure and visual hierarchy was created to reinforce user actions.


I contacted the company directly to gain access to their existing app which required the purchase of the device. I spent time testing the app and looked for pain points for the user. During this process I identified key areas that could be improved such as hierarchy, data visualization and the elimination of redundant elements.

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The existing app tried its best to shove as much information about the system as possible in front of the user. I found this was not very effective for comprehension, so when redesigning it I asked myself what the most essential or relevant information was to display is and gave it priority.

Get to the point.


There's always room for improvement.

Don't be discouraged by existing designs. Challenge yourself to look closer at them and find new and creative ways to improve upon what Is already established.