The battle for

Transportation is in the midst of several revolutions that will change how we travel,
thanks to years of environmental initiatives.

Reduced reliance on fossil fuels, and an emphasis on alternative transit, has become the golden standard going forward, but how well have countries adopted them?

Costs and inconvenience continue to rise

...but this is not the case for
alternative transportation.

Projected 2 million annually by 2024

Electric vehicles
are becoming affordable,
while popularity and sales
continue to rise steadily...

We are complacent in the ‘personal car’ paradigm

It is not easy to convince people not to drive

Up 42 percent since 2005

Over 93 million vehicles
were sold in 2016

So, which countries are buying and producing
less vehicles?


Alternative fuel technologies such as electric vehicles are great
for the environment, but they do nothing to combat traffic,
which remains one of the largest issues

The method we use to travel is just as important
as the resource it consumes

Other solutions such as road widening or drivers fees have been attempted by some governments, however, these methods have proven to generate even more traffic and increased frustrations.

The paradigm of personal transportation needs to change. This means reducing the number of cars on the road in order to eliminate many of the effects that come with it, such as wasted time, stress, anger, all of which can impact family life.


The results

The visualization demonstrates that car ownership and production is continuing to grow despite attempts at promoting public transportation. This increased growth also includes new electric vehicles of course, but does absolutely nothing to help reduce the traffic.

China is one country that has seen a considerable boom in both production and sales in the past year alone. While there are some countries who are reducing their car use, the major powers are continuing to grow, only briefly disrupted by the recession in 2008.

China jumped 13% in sales
and 33% in production  
from 2015-2016

Built using Webflow and Plotly.js
Data collected from OICA

Created by Joshua Sirianni in 
YSDN 3006 with Borxu

Whether you drive or not, we all need to encourage our countries to make transit infrastructure more viable and attractive. This comes hand-in-hand with embracing alternative transportation in our daily lives, setting the example for others.